With the success of our recent event Pearl Heights Inauguration, Pearl Marketing appreciates everyone who made it possible. Mr.Zaheer Babar (Ceo of Pearl Marketing) Our team has put in tremendous effort to organize a memorable and engaging event, and we are proud of the outcome. Mr. Aleem Khan was our chief guest and he address the audience at the event.

From the start, we aimed to create an experience that was informative, fun, and interactive. And I’m pleased to say that we achieved that goal and more. Our attendees were engaged, energized, and left with a positive impression of our organization and the launch of Pearl Heights, and most important celebration for winning Audi Etron for reaching the sales targets last year.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our team and appreciation from Mr. Fareed Bajwa (Director of Sales and Marketing) and the utmost motivation from Chairman Abdul Aleem Khan. Their tireless efforts and appreciation behind all the partners and deals have helped us a lot in moving forward and growing in real estate of Pakistan and ensured that every partner was taken care of.

Abdul Aleem Khan expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Zaheer Babar, the CEO of Pearl Marketing, and extended his best wishes to Pearl Marketing and their team on Pearl Heights Inauguration. He acknowledged the point raised by Zaheer Babar regarding partners who left the project and incurred losses and stated that they still hold their former partners in high regard and wish to maintain cordial relations with them. He advised Mr. Fareed Zaka Bajwa to reach out to them again and invite them to rejoin them. He further emphasized that Park View City has achieved great heights because of its sales partner.

Aleem Khan stressed the importance of selling plots, shops, and apartments that they would want for their own siblings. He explained that they should not sell anything that they themselves wouldn’t prefer or wouldn’t want to give to their own children or siblings, as it would not be pleasing to Allah. He emphasized that their business is based on halal risks, and even if they collected all the halal risks with both hands, it would never end. Therefore, they should not be greedy, and they should remain loyal to their customers by selling products that they themselves personally like and would be willing to buy.

While addressing people at Pearl Heights Inauguration he also mentioned that the Vision Group is planning to launch a new project of 5-star resorts in Karachi. He advised the sales team to only sell products that they personally like and would be willing to buy themselves if they had the money in their pocket.

He mentioned that he started a real estate business in 1999 and has never started a project where he didn’t have his own house. When he started Park View City Lahore, which is now DHA Phase 8, the very first house built was his own, and he still lives in it. He has owned that house for almost 23 years. Similarly, in Park View City Islamabad, he has reserved the hilltop area for his house, and soon he will build his house there. The CEO Umer Farooq and Director of Sales and Marketing Fareed Zaka Bajwa are also building their houses there. Additionally, all the sales partners have their houses and offices in Park View City Islamabad.

He requests that loyalty demands everything should be in the project that you want to sell. If you want to get investment in a certain project, you should invest in it yourself. He doesn’t want to name societies, but there are many whose owners don’t put anything there, not even their own house. If the owner doesn’t think it’s good enough for their own house, he doesn’t understand why people would find it good enough for theirs.

Abdul Aleem Khan believes that people should first ask the owners where their own house is if they are pushing them to build a home there. He believes that Allah has given risk-e-halal in this, and it should not be spoiled. He advises people to be thankful to Allah. He says he doesn’t think anything else can make you rich as fast as real estate. He has seen people who had nothing in their pockets when they came to real estate, and now they are millionaires and billionaires.

He also mentioned that when he started Park View City, he sold plots in e-blocks for 1 CR and 15 Lacs only, and now the same plot is worth more than 5 to 6 CR. That means it has jumped from 1 CR to 6 CR, which means every year it rises more than 100%. He believes that no other business has a growth rate of 100% every year.

He mentioned that people complained about hikes in the dollar price. If you make investments in the UK or the USA and they get 10% growth in one year, they enjoy it as if they have gained something. In Pakistan, if someone gives us a 10% return after one year, we will not be satisfied with it because we want 10% each month. Therefore, there is no other country like us, and no other country’s investments are like Pakistan’s. I have seen every country where people go and invest. Trust me, the returns on investments in Pakistan are nowhere to be found. Even then, people are holding dollars in their pockets. Just wait and watch; within months, the dollar will crash, and everyone who is holding dollars will cry. If you think that the dollar will bring you profits, you are mistaken. Instead, it will hit you hard. I am not saying people have only earned from Park View City real estate. If you see the overall return ratio of real estate in Pakistan and compare it with countries like the UK, the USA, Australia, and even Dubai, no other country has as high returns on investments as Pakistan.

He said that at the UK expo, he addressed investors in the UK and offered them to take 100,000 pounds from him and invest in the UK, and give him their equivalent amount in Pakistani rupees. He would then invest that money in Pakistan, and after 1 year, they could calculate the profit to determine who is in profit.

He emphasized the importance of trusting in one’s country, as it has given us everything. He pointed out that we have access to every car and luxury in the world, and we are living in houses in London that most people cannot afford. He expressed sadness towards those who constantly complain about their country, as he believes the issues have been present since he was born, and will continue to exist. He encouraged people to trust in their country, as it is what has provided them with everything they have. He also expressed his belief that the Pakistani economy will improve in the future, but it requires the collective efforts of everyone.

He stated that he has not given back even 1% of what his country has given him and emphasized the need for everyone to evaluate what they give back to their country. He questioned how many people pay taxes, including himself, as he admits to consulting his accountant to reduce his taxes. He also pointed out that people complain about the infrastructure, but it cannot be improved without taxes. He mentioned that many shops in Pakistan earn a significant amount daily, yet they do not have NTN numbers. He highlighted that out of 220 million people in Pakistan, only 3 million pay taxes.


In conclusion, on Pearl Heights inauguration he wished good luck to Pearl’s marketing team and congratulated them on winning the Audi e-tron. He expressed his love and loyalty towards those who solely promote Park View City and assured them of his support in difficult situations. However, he made it clear that he would not support those who are not fully committed to him.

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