A bayana is the first step to buying property. You can either live in the house, rent it out or sell it when you see a profitable deal. If you are planning to sell property, you should first look at the real estate market. Do your research and find out the value of your property.

Bayana is paid to lock in a property. When someone is the owner of a property, they basically own the title of the property. If you want to transfer property, it basically means to give the title of the property to someone else. It does not always mean selling the property. It could be a gift, mortgage or lease.

Now, who is eligible to transfer property? The answer is simple. Whoever is old enough to have a national identity card (CNIC) — 18 years and above. There are also different laws for buying and selling property in Pakistan. We shall now discuss in detail the ideas of token money and bayana.

TOKEN and Bayana in Park View City

So, what is token payment? Token is a small amount of money that has to be paid by the purchaser as an indication of serious desire to purchase a property. Token money is given on mutual agreement between the buyer and seller about the sale price. In most cases, the deal is helped by an agent, who have the verified contact details of the seller.

If you are dealing with an agent who is registered with the respective society where a property is located, the agreement details are written on the agent’s letterhead. This includes information about the token money, the name of the buyer, plot number, name, the size and price of the property, and the time frame in which the buyer has to make the remaining payment. Now, the next question you may ask is whether token money is refundable or not?

There are two kinds of token: conditional and confirmed.

Conditional token

The token paid and taken on soft terms and conditions is a conditional token. When a purchaser decides to buy a certain property, they offer a small amount are from PKR 25,000 to PKR 50,000. If, for some reason, the deal falls through, there is no penalization and the same amount is returned to the purchaser.

After paying the conditional token amount, the purchaser then can verify the owner of the property from the conecerned housing society to make sure the seller is the real owner. For this thing, the seller grants permission in writing. This allows the respective authority to share the ownership details and lawful status with the buyer, whose name and CNIC number is also stated on the application. A copy of the plot owner’s ID card is attached to the application.

Confirmed token

Documented token money. This is in which the terms and conditions are mutually set among the buyer, seller and the dealer. This is the confirmed token. This contract includes terms such as the time frame in which the bayana has to be paid, the selling rate of the property and the fine in case one of the parties backs away. If the buyer has failed to meet the bayana deadline. In such a case they lose the token money. Also, if the seller backs off from the deal, he is legally bound to pay twice the sum of the token money to the buyer.

If the buyer is in a position to get the property at hand within a week or two. T he confirmed token also works as the bayana. The confirmed token is usually an amount greater than conditional token and less than the bayana. Thus, once the token amount is paid, bayana is the next step. It’s just like the token money. Only this it is officially written and signed.


Bayana is a formal agreement written on legal paper with related conditions set by the buyer and the seller. It is normally paid one week after the token money. Terms include the time line for the property transfer and the pay outs of the remaining amount, which is mostly between 10 to 30 days but can be more.

Ideally, the bayana sum should be one-fourth of the total price. The longer the time frame to handle the remaining amount, the higher the bayana. At this time, the seller gives an aplication for the No Demand Certificate (NDC). This certificate is given by the concerned housing authority in the presence of both parties. The property is transferred straight away and the seller gets the bank draft.

If the deal falls through following the bayana due to some problems on the seller’s end. They they are lawfully bound to pay double the bayana money as penalty. If the buyer backs out, would lose the bayana amount.

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