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Park View City Lahore is a soon-to-be-approved residential housing project by Vision Group with a complete modern lifestyle. Every inch of society is designed to offer a luxurious living experience like never before in Pakistan.

The developers, Vision Group, have designed every aspect of society with a modern and futuristic perspective. At the same time, its location at Multan Road, Lahore, is strategically chosen with a mindset to facilitate the residents providing a central location in Lahore that offers access to every major area of the city. Features like affordability, accessibility, security, and superb facilities shine out other housing societies in all of Pakistan.

It is a more than 5,000 Kanal heaven on earth where dreams come true. The land surveys have also proved factually that the land area of the society is perfectly suitable not just for construction but also any greenery, making it the most naturally attractive place for investment in the heart of Lahore.

The society comprises several kinds of Blocks offering a range of residential and commercial plots for sale. While designing this society, the owner stressed the concept that even small-scale investors would also be able to invest with their small investments, and hence investors highly appreciate the importance of the Park View City housing scheme in Lahore. Earlier, this society was recognized by the name “Park View Villas”, but later, the name was changed to “Park View City Lahore”.

Park View City Lahore Owners & Developers:

This iconic real estate project is developing by Vision Group, making it one of the most sought-after attractive investment lifetime opportunities in Lahore. Vision Group is owned by the famous politician and member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Mr. Aleem Khan.

After completing development work in society, it will be the eco-friendliest and beautiful residential wonder in Pakistan. The company started its real estate operations in 2002, and since then, the journey of success has not stopped or never slowed down.

The previous highly successful real estate property development by the Vision Group has created a strong reputation in the market that produced a bond of trust with investors. All this, along with several other reasons, has made Park View City housing society in Lahore, a hot cake for investors. Even before the approval of NOCs, the investors were gathering to avail themselves of the opportunity of investment.

Aleem Khan, the Chairman of Vision Group, has personally paid attention to every minor detail of designing and developing society to provide what he promised to Pakistan that he would offer an exclusive one-of-a-kind lifestyle.

According to the developers, the Park View City located in Lahore has already set new world-class residential standards first time in Pakistan and even rare in Asia. The owner has promised all the top-notch automated amenities and all that at affordable prices. Such facilities at budget-friendly rates is indeed a milestone achievement.

It is always a choice to provide luxury or affordability, but Mr. Aleem Khan has made this possible to set the performance bar high in the real estate sector. Cost-effectiveness makes it unique and attractive for the investors, and even the owners had not to market this society to sell the plots, investors flocked themselves to book their plots.

Park View City Lahore NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the Park View City Lahore will soon be approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The legality of the housing society is crucial to develop trust and attract quick investment. Because the investors trust and easily invest in those societies that have availed all the approvals.

It is expected that the NOC will be passed soon by the concerned authorities; after that, the prices of the plots for sale in Park View City Lahore may increase steeply. So, this is the time to invest and avail significant return on investments.

Many people are concerned that is the Park View City Lahore LDA approved? There is information spread in the market that the NOC of Park View City Lahore is approved by LDA, but for now, the LDA website has not been updated with any such approved status about this society. But it is evident by the Park View City Lahore reviews that the society is highly investment-attractive in the real estate industry.

Park View City Lahore Location:

The location of Park View City Lahore is strategically placed at a central location accessible from any part of Lahore with just a few min drive. Society is the hallmark of a luxurious lifestyle in Lahore at cost-effective rates, and its prime location is also considered a luxury for residents and investors. Park View City Lahore map is easily understandable and accessible from anywhere in Lahore.

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