Pearl Marketing will host a Pearl’s GRAND Event in PVC (Park View City) on the upcoming weekend, and it will be a big day. Everyone is excited about this Grand Event because many exciting things are planned for this event. Pearl Marketing will receive its Audi e-Tron from PVC (Park view city) which was announced a year before to achieve the sales target. Pearl Marketing will also inaugurate its Site Office at Park View City Islamabad.

Pearl's Grand Event

Pearl Marketing is well known for its exceptional services and has always been dedicated to its clients, and its services have always been of the highest quality. The Pearl’s Grand Event that Pearl Marketing will host in Park View City (PVC) is evidence of its dedication to excellence.

Audi e-Tron

One of the highlights of this Peral’s Grand Event is the Audi e-Tron, Park View City will give an Audi e-Tron to Pearl Marketing, which the company had won before completing the sales target. This is a recognition of the company’s hard work and dedication, and it is a great honor for Pearl Marketing. This is a clear indication of the respect and admiration that Pearl Marketing commands in the real estate industry.

Site Office Opening

Pearl Marketing is also going to open its site office in Pearl Heights at park view city Islamabad which is a significant milestone for the company and it shows how much it has grown over the years. Our professional and experienced staff will be there to give the best services to our clients. 

Umrah Package winner

In addition, Pearl’s Marketing will announce the Umrah Package winner. Pearl Marketing had organized a competition to answer a PSL 8 question and win an Umrah package. On occasion, the winner will be rewarded with an Umrah package.

Overall, the Pearl’s GRAND Event that Pearl Marketing is hosting in PVC promises to be a memorable one. There will undoubtedly be something for everyone in attendance, from the selection of the Umrah package winner to the presentation of the Audi e-Tron and the opening of their site office.

Pearl’s GRAND Event Location

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