Pearl’s Grand Event was an exciting event that brought together, the inauguration ceremony of Pearl Heights, winning Audi Etron, and Grand Iftaar dinner for all the related guests from Real Estate. It was a valuable experience that provided many insights and opportunities for growth. Mr. Zaheer Babar Ceo of Pearl Marketing critically reviewed his journey and growth of Pearl Marketing and identified the areas that worked well and those that could use improvement, which will help to plan and execute even better results and progress in the future. In his speech he addresses;

β€œI would like to thank all the respected guests who joined us at this grand event, with special appreciation for our chief guest, Abdul Aleem Khan, Mian Umer Farooq Manan, and our sales leader, Mr. Fareed Zaka Bajwa”.

Moving forward  Pearl Marketing CEO, Mr. Zaheer Babar, shared the journey of Pearl Marketing, and how we transitioned from media to real estate. He explained that we started real estate marketing in 2016 and discovered Park View City, which we believed would grow exponentially. In July 2020, we decided to work with Park View City, and after one month, the Downtown Plan was released. With the grace of Allah, we began the Pearl Heights project in October 2021, and we are about to complete it.

β€œOur relationship with Park View City has been outstanding, and we credit Mr. Freed Zaka Bajwa for giving us a vision and teaching us how to achieve sales targets. Our chairman, Abdul Aleem Khan, always reminds us to sell plots and apartments that we would want our siblings to buy, and we adhere to this principle. You have experienced profit and loss while working on other projects but we are grateful to be working with Park View City.

We are striving to become a platinum sales partner of Park View City in the next few months, and we thank our sales team for producing wonderful results. Our CFO, Mohsin Iqbal, says that our team is multi-dimensional and excels in sales, finance, and operations. Mohsin Iqbal played an important role in winning the Audi E-Tron, and we aim to achieve even greater sales targets in the future.”

Mr.Zaheer Babar further expressed his kind appreciation for all the hard work and dedication the team had put into the projects and for the successful journey of Pearl Marketing, their commitment to excellence and willingness to go above and beyond has not gone unnoticed.

Pearl marketing Expos

β€œOur team has done roadshows in the UK and Saudi Arabia to clarify overseas queries, and we received a fantastic response at the Property Investment Fair in Saudi Arabia and businessman communities, and we are proud to be the first company to reach out to them. We are opening operational offices of Park View City and Pearl Marketing in Jeddah, which will allow Saudi Arabia residents to manage transfer procedures without leaving the country. We are also identifying potential in Gulf countries to open offices there and make 2023 a successful year for Park View City and Pearl Marketing”.

In the end, Mr.Zaheer Babar thanked all the valuable guests and his team. β€œThank you for your hard work, determination, and positive attitude. You have made a real difference, and I am proud to be a part of this journey”.Β 

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