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About Pearl Group

Pearl Group of Companies, since 2013, has been a leader in real estate, offering services like buying, selling, and building properties worldwide. We are also known for services like Digital Marketing, Real Estate Marketing, Sales, Construction, and Development of Housing Projects. 

Our group includes several companies: Pearl Marketing, Dream Pearl Dubai, Modern Pearl Company for Marketing Services, Mujjadid Transport Dubai, Pearl Design & Developers, and our special project, Pearl Heights in Park View City Islamabad.

We have a team of really skilled people who know a lot about real estate. They work hard to offer the best service in buying and selling homes, marketing, building houses, and more.

We’re good at handling big property deals and making sure our clients get great value. Our investment plans are smart – they make money and are safe choices in the property market.

Each customer gets their own person to talk to in our company. This means you always get help that’s just for you, whether you need a house or a place for your business.

Pearl Group is all about offering top-notch real estate services everywhere, making sure every client is happy.

Your Dream Home Awaits

Ready to make your dream home a reality? Pearl Marketing is here to make it happen. let Pearl Marketing take you there with style and ease!

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

We will provide you with the highest quality of services in Real Estate marketing, sales, construction, and development with market competitive rates.

Our Vision

Every business should aim for the highest degree of perfection in customer service and relationship management all the time.

Our Promise

Pearl Group of Companies aims to break all records in Real Estate sales, construction, and development while maintaining top-notch customer service and relationships.

Pearl Manifesto

Rules we live by


No sugarcoating, no hype, no deception. Everything transparent.


Bringing new ideas to the business.


Meeting the highest standard in our profession.


Building connections that last a lifetime.



When you decide to buy real estate, whether it is for investment or personal purposes, you always have to face numerous challenges and uncertainty.

Pearl Marketing helps you overcome every challenge in securing your financial future using prime real estate. Also, you’ll never be deprived of after-sales services, even after a year or two.

Let Pearl Marketing be your first step in acquiring splendid, sublime investment success in minimum time without stress or any headache


Zaheer Babar



Zaheer Babar


Pearl marketing CEO Zaheer Babar

Expert Team Behind Mansion

From vision to reality, the expert team behind Mansion brings your dream home to life.

The expert team behind Mansion is dedicated to delivering the highest quality workmanship, attention to detail, and personalized service to ensure that every client’s dream home is everything they imagined.

Sajid Mehmood

Director International Operations

Mohsin Iqbal

Director Finance

Mohsin Siddique

Director Sales & Marketing

Wajid Gulam Rasool

Chief Marketing Services

Aziz ur Rehman

Financial Controller

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Our Companies

Pearl Marketing Pakistan

It provides services like Digital Marketing, Real Estate Marketing, Sales, Construction, and Development of Housing Projects.

Dream Pearl Dubai

A branch of Pearl Marketing in Dubai, it provides Real Estate services.

Modern Pearl Company for Marketing Services

A branch of Pearl Marketing Pakistan, offering services in KSA to facilitate overseas Pakistanis.

Mujaddid Transport Dubai

A registered logistics and transport company based in Dubai, providing transport services.

Pearl Design & Developers

Pearl Design and Developers, a division of Pearl Marketing, offers architectural design and brings your dream houses and buildings to reality.

Pearl Auto Imports

Pearl Auto imports company imports new and used cars from Japan to Pakistan, UAE, & Saudi Arabia—brings dream wheels to life with reliability & excellence.

Pearl Heights
Pearl Heights is a project by Pearl Marketing. It is a multipurpose beautiful building that is pleased to offer residents amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

Pearl Organic Foods

It was established in 2019 that specializes in the production and retail of organic food products.

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Modern Pearl Company for Marketing Services
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Pearl Design & Developers
Pearl Auto Imports
Pearl Organic Foods
Pearl Heights a Project of Pearl Marketing
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