Whether you choose a house or an apartment in Pakistan will come down to your particular preferences, way of life, and financial status. Regardless of your stage of life; a first-time home buyer, an empty nester, family of small kids or grown-ups; considering to live in an apartment or house is a very subjective choice. Both choices have their own pros & cons. 

In this blog, we will explore a few benefits and drawbacks of living at a house vs living at an apartment in Islamabad. Moreover, you will also find out the ideal suggestions for deciding whether to purchase the house or apartment of your dreams. 

Currently in Pakistan, the leading sales & marketing partners and developers, “Pearl Marketing” is offering apartment living in pristine part of Islamabad. These apartments offer incredible amenities, well-connected locations & flexible payment plans.

What is a House?

A house is a single-unit residential building for rasing a family. They can be single story or multiple. Houses give you more space and freedom, but they also need more upkeep and maintenance. Undoubtedly, houses offer more privacy than apartments. 

What is an Apartment?

An apartment is a residential space/unit that is a part of one (or several) residential buildings. Typically, apartments are one-story buildings with three or more units per floor found in multifamily or multistory buildings. Depending on the number of houses it has. The building itself might be commercial property, but the units themselves are residential real estate. 

A building of such type can be referred to as an apartment block, apartment complex, flat complex, block of flats, tower block, or high–rise. As Gen Z and millennials begin to enter the real estate market, the demand for apartments in Islamabad has rocketed dramatically. Thus, completely transforming the city’s real estate landscape. 

Pros & Cons of Living in Houses Vs Apartments in Pakistan

It is the trickiest job ever to determine an ideal place to purchase or rent a residence, as it depends on plenty of elements available such as legal procedures, fluctuating prices, and so on. Furthermore, getting to a judgment can be a little challenging with all the new housing projects that are being developed at a great pace. The pros and cons of living in houses or apartments are briefly enlightened below.

Pros of Living in an Apartment in Pakistan

The major advantage of living in an apartment here is that the building management will be responsible for maintaining common areas, shared amenities, building systems, and other relevant parts. Furthermore, maintenance costs usually get subsidized by your rent or common charges, which could eventually reduce the cost of renting an apartment. However, there are a range of advantages of living in an apartment, such as:

      1. 24/7 Security 

      1. Affordability 

      1. Low Maintenance 

      1. High Rental Value

      1. Broad-Buyer Potential

      1. World-Class Amenities

      1. Highly Prime Location

    24/7 Security 

    Apartments come with an added advantage of security. CCTV cameras, & 24/7 on-duty security personnel monitor all the entrances & exits, eliminating the possibility of intrusion. Moreover, fire extinguishers are also installed at apartments to protect the residents from fire hazards. 


    Apartments, in general, are an investment option that’s typically low cost as compared to independent houses. Currently, the most affordable apartment living in Park View City is Pearl Heights

    Low Maintenance 

    One of the main perks of choosing an apartment to live in is minimum maintenance requirements. Nowadays, most apartments in Islamabad offer the facility of an in-house maintenance team.

    High Rental Value

    It comes as no surprise that owning an apartment in Islamabad is a great source of generating income through renting. It is a great way to enjoy a consistent stream of income. However, it is more important to make sure to invest in the right property to avoid negative cash flow. 

    pearl heights offers booking in studio, 1-bed & 2-bed apartments. It is located close to the heart of Islamabad, giving you an excellent opportunity to leverage the initiative of the tourism boom. Invest in this great project & generate high rental income.

    Broad-Buyer Potential

    Apartments in Islamabad have greater resale value because of a wide range of interested buyers. Pearl Marketing utilizes a robust marketing strategy including online listings, social media, and digital marketing strategies to reach a wide pool of audiences.

    World-Class Amenities 

    Many home-buyers are gravitating towards apartments because of the amenities. The apartment amenities are mainly divided into four categories i.e. 

        1. Luxury 

        1. Sanctuary

        1. Well-being

        1. Convenience

      When choosing an apartment to live in, select the one that fits all your needs. Pearl Marketing’s signature projects; pearl heights & Pearl View provide the most sought-after amenities. . 

      Highly Prime Location

      Working professionals & budding families look for connectivity when hunting for an apartment in Islamabad. They prefer to opt for a location that’s close to their office to cut short the commute time & avoid traffic congestion. Apartments, generally, are located at prime locations close to downtown or the city center. 

      The second preference is to choose a neighborhood with great social infrastructure. Keeping in view the above-mentioned facts, we suggest you look into Pearl Heights. It offer to book apartments that are well-connected to the M1 and M2 motorways & are surrounded by the excellent infrastructure of Park View City Islamabad.

      Cons of Living in an Apartment in Pakistan 

      Apartment living entails having a particular area and limited space. The inhabitants are confined to a certain area and are not permitted to disturb or trespass upon the privacy of others. The disadvantages of living in an apartment include: 

          1. Limited Space 

          1. Lack of Privacy

          1. Independent House

        Limited Space 

        As compared to independent houses, the floor space of apartments is limited, making your apartment look cramped. Often, a private outdoor space is also not included. 

        Lack of Privacy

        One of the main disadvantages of living in an apartment is the lack of privacy because you have to share a driveway & entrance with other residents. The shared walls also contribute to noise.

        Independent House

        An independent house is a standalone property built on a plot of land. It is an attractive option for the ones who have a desire for spacious living & flexibility to customize.

        Pros of Living in a House in Pakistan

        Being a house owner in Pakistan, you have more authority over maintenance. If you’re aware, you may either perform the minor repairs yourself or get a professional to do so. However, there are certain benefits of living in a house, including:

            1. Flexibility To Modify

            1. Exceptionally Extensive 

          Flexibility To Modify 

          The best advantage of a house is the flexibility to modify it as per your needs & liking. You can entirely demolish it and build it from scratch according to your choice & preferences. You can even expand it vertically or horizontally to accommodate your growing family.

          Exceptionally Extensive 

          Independent houses are exceptionally extensive. They offer you an extravagant space, in the form of a hefty quantity of bedrooms, living rooms, etc. In an ideal scenario, a yard and even parking space. They also provide outstanding home amenities & features with lavish decor and high-end finishes.

          Cons of Living in a House in Pakistan

          Maintaining the condition of your house can be expensive, particularly if significant repairs or renovations are required. Several drawbacks of living in a house are:

              1. Lack of Security 

              1. Lack of Facilities 

              1. High Cost of Purchase 

            Lack of Security 

            Unlike apartments, there is a lack of security at the house. You need to spend a sum on installing CCTV cameras & hiring security guards. Inadequate security protocols can result in hazardous surroundings and increase the possibility of various catastrophes occurring to individuals.

            Lack of Facilities

            At an independent house, lack of facilities will take a huge chunk of your budget like an in-house management team, periodic repairing of the house, sports facilities, gym, etc. People might also face damaged roads right outside their homes, heaps of garbage, and badly maintained parks nearby.

            High Cost of Purchase

            Due to the rising cost of land, buying a single family home is very expensive. Also, the increase in the cost of construction.  

            Pearl Heights Islamabad: Pearl Marketing

            Considering the luxury apartments in Pakistan, specifically in Islamabad then ‘pearl heights Islamabad’ is an outstanding choice for residents. Since it is situated between Margalla Hills, therefore, it is one of the ideal projects, whenever one decides to move into an apartment. Below are the benefits of a prime location in a luxury apartment:

                • Highly developed area

                • Convenient access to facilities

                • Proximal access to the major city hubs

              Prime location in a luxury apartment provides abundant natural light, spacious storage, spectacular style, investment value, first-rate amenities, technology integration, and a sense of community & neighborhood. 

              pearl heights is equipped with all basic to modern amenities like a Gym, 100% power backup, high-speed elevators, a rooftop restaurant, etc. The project offers 3 apartment types including, studio apartments, 1-bed and 2-bed apartments. Apartments are situated on the following floors of Pearl Heights:

                  • Second Floor

                  • Third Floor

                  • Fourth Floor

                  • Fifth Floor

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