Park View City The Walk Commercial Downtown


Get ready to hear about your favorite investment opportunity, Park View City The Walk Commercial Downtown. The housing society is the ideal place to live in and conduct business too! Park View City is close to Chak Shahzad, with a beautiful view of the hills, and has access from Malot Road and Kurri Road. The Vision Group is behind this initiative. They believe in creating a commercial hub with a special mix of entertainment, leisure, hospitality, and residential lifestyle opportunities. 

Are you ready to get the best commercial property in the Federal Capital? We at Pearl Marketing are here to give you all the necessary information. 

 The Walk Location

The Walk has a location that the investors call perfect and strategic. Visit it and see for yourself! It is on the outer area of the Downtown Commercial Islamabad close to H Block and D Block. H Block has many houses and families living there are looking forward to the completion of The Walk. Moreover, it is easily accessible from any block in Park View City Islamabad. For the entrance of The Walk, they are working on a road that is at the back of Commercial Downtown. And there are more, two other roads connected to the main boulevard will directly lead you to Commercial Downtown and The Walk. 

The Walk Commercial Downtown Master Plan  

Park view city masterplan

When you take a look at the master plan you will get a point of reference for taking the right action. This way you can better understand the impact of your decisions. It clearly shows Park View City’s vision for the future and draws a comparison between its existing and intended growth. The management of the housing society created the master plan after a thorough understanding of the community as a whole and its most pressing areas of need.

Park View City Islamabad The Walk Development Status 

The development work is moving forward at a rapid pace. You can see the plots one after the other in a strip beside Park View City in Downtown Islamabad. The roads are constructed as well. There are 150 ft wide roads and walkways. The possession of the plots has been granted to the respective owners, so they have begun the planning and construction of their commercial properties. It is a sight to behold, and upon completion, it will look even better when all the brands will be there along with apartments, shops, and offices.

And that’s not all! Pearl Marketing is pleased to present its own project, Pearl Heights in Park View City Downtown Islamabad. Pearl Heights is at a favorable close to The Walk. It is a mixed-use building that will contain shops, offices, apartments, and penthouses. Imagine waking up in your penthouse and seeing the view of the hills from your bedroom windows. Its location is the most interesting aspect, Pearl Heights will be facing the roundabout and the hills at one side and the lake will be at its back side. The structure work is already done and a few shops have been given to the owners. 

The Walk Commercial Downtown Plots

Interested in the Park View City Islamabad Plots? Well good news, two adequate plot sizes are available. They are given below,

Park View City Downtown Islamabad 

  • 6 Marla Commercial Plots
  • 8 Marla Commercial Plots

Park View City The Walk

  • 1 Kanal Commercial Plot


Time to hear about the amazing features of The Walk Commercial Downtown.

Business Center 

The Walk Park View City will be the heart of business activity for the twin cities. You will see people dining and mingling while enjoying the view of the lake in Downtown Islamabad and the hills on the other side.  

Spas and Fitness Centers  

There will be good spas and fitness centers in The Walk for the residents to access. This is because the management realizes the importance of health and wellness benefits that reduce stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. 

High-Rise Buildings

You will also see beautiful high-rise buildings on the walk. They will be mixed-use buildings with apartments and corporate offices in them. 

Grand Mosque 

There will be a mosque there as well, to serve as a  center for education and information, social welfare, and also for daily congregational prayers. 

Why The Walk Park View City? 

The Walk Park View City will be a lifestyle destination, due to the wide range of leisure, dining, and retail options. Living on the walk will mean getting a noise-free environment and scenic views too. It is an investor’s dream, and with Pearl Marketing’s help, this dream will come true. 

Cost-Effective Plots 

The prices at which the plots are available are so budget-friendly that it would be foolish to miss out on them. Especially when you consider the direction the housing society is going in. Indeed, in the next 5 years, there will be no better place to be and you would already have a property to your name there.  

Ideal Lifestyle 

The Walk Park View City is inspired by The Marina Walk Dubai. The goal is to create a beautiful avenue lined with palm trees swaying on either side just the way it is in Dubai. 

You can spend your day cycling before having a sunset meal at any of the cafes and restaurants. 

Security of Investment

Vision Group is one of the best in the market and has no equal when it comes to quality and commitment. People all over the world are aware of what they are doing in Park View City and are so thrilled for these commercial projects to get completed. So, your investments here are both secure and highly profitable. 

Park View City The Walk Payment Plan

Park View City The Walk Payment Plan

Now let’s talk about the 1 Kanal plot that is available for you in The Walk Commercial Downtown. 

1 Kanal Commercial Plot in The Walk Commercial Downtown

  • The total price of the plot is PKR 250,000,000.
  • You must pay the membership fee of PKR 200,000. 
  • There is a 25% down payment of PKR 62,500,000.
  • The balance payment is PKR 187,500,000.
  • You have the option to pay through 6 quarterly installments of PKR 31,250,000. 

The prices of these commercial plots in The Walk are subject to future changes but currently, you can buy them at these excellent prices. Kindly note that you can enjoy a 5% discount on lump-sum payments. Furthermore, there are 10% extra charges for the corner plots, park-facing plots, and main boulevard plots.  

Pearl Heights Payment Plan

And now we will quickly study the payment plan for Pearl Heights. The structural work is already completed and the interiors and exteriors work is taking place. Pearl Heights will be delivered before its anticipated time, therefore now is the best time to make an investment there. The payment plan for shops is given below. We have given the possession of shops to the owners and their monthly rental income has begun as well. The shops can be available for resale, so you have a chance even so.  

Pearl Heights Shops payment plan

Shop # 1 and Shop # 6

  • The size of the shops is 402 sq. ft.
  • They are available at the price of PKR 24,120,000.
  • You can buy them with 100% payment. 

Shop # 2 and Shop # 5

  • These shops are available in 409 sq. ft size. 
  • The price is PKR 24,540,000. 
  • They are available on 100% payment. 

Shop # 3 and Shop # 4

  • The size of shop # 3 and shop # 4 is 327 sq. ft. 
  • You can buy them for PKR 19,620,000. 
  • The shops are available on 100% payment. 

The payment plan is given below, 

Pearl Heights Offices Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Offices Payment Plan

Let us take a look at the Pearl Heights Offices Payment Plan.

Office no. 1 and Office no.  5

  • They are 50 sq. ft in size. 
  • The price of office no. 1 and office no. 5 is PKR 15,090,000. 
  • There is a 50% booking amount of PKR 7, 545,000. 
  • You can pay through 4 quarterly installments of PKR 1,886,250.
  • There are also 12 quarterly installments of PKR 628,750.  

Office no. 2 and Office no. 4

  • These offices are 610 sq. ft in size. 
  • The total cost is PKR 18,300,000. 
  • You need to pay the 50% booking amount of PKR 9,150,000.
  • There are 4 quarterly installments of PKR 2,287,500. 
  • You can pay through 12 quarterly installments of PKR 762,500.  

Office no. 3

  • Office no. 3 is 636 sq. ft in size. 
  • Its price is PKR 19,080,000. 
  • You must pay a 50% booking payment of PKR 9,540,000. 
  • Firstly, there are 4 quarterly installments of PKR 2,385,000 each.
  • You may also pay 12 quarterly installments of PKR 795,000.  

Take a look at the payment plan below, 

Pearl Heights Apartments Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Apartments Payment Plan

Pearl Heights has apartments from the 3rd to 5th floor. Let us discuss the price of the apartments.

 Apartment # A and Apartment # D

  • Their size is 550 sq. ft. 
  • The total cost is PKR 11,00,000.
  • A 50% booking price for these apartments is PKR 5,500,000.
  • There are 4 quarterly installments of PKR 1,375,000.
  • You may pay 12 quarterly installments of PKR 458,333.  

Apartment # B and Apartment # C

  • These apartments have a size of 1020 sq. ft.
  • The price is PKR 20,400,000. 
  • A 50% booking cost for them is PKR 10,200,000. 
  • You can choose 4 quarterly installments of PKR 2,550,000. 
  • The apartments also come with 12 quarterly installments of PKR 850,000.

Pearl Heights Penthouse Payment Plan

Pearl Heights Penthouse Payment Plan

Pearl Marketing is proud to present the payment plan for the 6th-floor penthouses.   

A and B Penthouses 

  • The penthouses have a size of 1700 sq. ft.
  • There is a price of PKR 40,800,000.
  • You are required to pay a 50% booking price of PKR 20,400,000. 
  • There are 4 quarterly installments of PKR 5,100,000. 
  • You may also use 12 quarterly installments of PKR 1,700,000.  

How to Invest in Park View City Commercial Downtown Islamabad? 

Before you invest in your dream property, you must follow a few simple guidelines, 

Ensure the Property is Legal 

You must see to it that the property in question is completely legal. If you do this your investment will be safe. Allow a legal advisor to step in and guide you. 

Plan Out the Budgets 

Before investing your hard-earned money anywhere, you need to check if you have enough savings in store. Set aside a specific amount for the coming years and the daily basis expenditures.  

Seek Professional Assistance 

It is best to consult real estate agents who are trustworthy and know the market really well. They may even tell you what are the other investment opportunities within your budget. 

Sort out Your Documents 

Property matters require a lot of documents so you need to start sorting those out. Ensure that you submit them all on time and make extra photocopies for future use. 

Book Your Commercial Property Today With Pearl Marketing

Pearl Marketing Contact

Do you want to book a commercial plot as soon as possible? Done! Our team at Pearl Marketing is ready to take care of everything for you. Ensure that you have the following documents to begin the process,

  • A copy of CNIC
  • ID Card copies of your nominee
  • 2 passport-size photos

 Pros and Cons

Peaceful AmbiancePerception of a Distance from Islamabad  
Security of a Gated CommunityPrices are considered higher.
A Business CenterPotentially high maintenance costs.
Prayer Facilities and MosquesValue can go up or down due to the real estate market.
Petrol Pumps 
Scenic View of Lake and Hills 
Trusted Owner 
Speedy Development 
Clean and Green Environment 
High Return on Investment 
  • Peaceful Ambiance
  • Security of a Gated Community
  • A Business Center
  • Prayer Facilities and Mosques
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Scenic View of Lake and Hills   
  • Trusted Owner
  • Speedy Development
  • Clean and Green Environment 
  • High Return on Investment 


  • Perception of a Distance from Islamabad  


Be a part of Park View City The Walk Commercial Downtown and taste the unique atmosphere, comfort, and leisure unlike anything else. You can live the lavish lifestyle you dream of by simply investing right today, and reaping the benefits of it forever. So, without further delay, take Pearl Marketing’s hand to avail the benefits of a lifetime!


What is The Walk Commercial Downtown?

It is a commercial project of Park View City set to change the landscape of the economy. You will find world-class brands, restaurants, and entertainment venues there.  

Where is Park View City The Walk?

It is in Park View City close to the H Block and D Block of the housing society. 

Are there apartments in Park View City The Walk?

Yes, there are great apartment options in Pearl Heights, a project by Pearl Marketing. There are also penthouses on the highest floor. 

Are there any commercial plots in Park View City The Walk?

Yes, there are commercial plots of 1 Kanal in The Walk. 

What are the documents needed to make a booking?

You will need the following documents,

  • A copy of CNIC
  • ID Card copies of your nominee
  • 2 passport-size photos

Are there any plots available for resale in Park View City? 

Yes, there are many, depending on what you are looking for. Moreover, shops at Pearl Heights in Park View City may also be available for resale. 

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