The wonderful dancing fountain shows timing

Park View City unveiled the biggest dancing fountain in Downtown Islamabad with a grand launching event attended by dignitaries and sales partners, including  Zaheer Babar and Mohsin Iqbal. The fountain works for 15 minutes after every 30 minutes from 5:30 to 11 pm.

it is located in the center of Islamabad and is surrounded by mountains. People from across Pakistan love visiting Park View City due to the dancing fountain, which is a crowd-puller. It is the one and only dancing fountain in Pakistan. The fountain cost several billion rupees to make, and it was completed in less than 100 days. This is a record in the history of construction in Pakistan. The size of the lake is 100 Kanal, and it opened on the 1st of January 2024. The construction of the dancing fountain was done by Water Design Company and is inspired by Dubai Marina it is one of the best tourist spots in Islamabad, and it includes all cuisines. Also, more and more brands are flocking to downtown Park View City Islamabad this has led to a tenfold increase in footfall, and also to the coming of visitors and customers it is the largest man-made lake in South Asia 

 Visit the Dancing Fountains with your family. 

So the fountain has become a focal point during festivals and special occasion 

The water is purified with chlorine frequently and replaced every 6 months it is powered by some of the largest generators in Islamabad 

The dancing fountains also have light inside the fountain  that runs with the music beats, and it contains multiple colours so it attracts families and also the children near the fountain; there are some food stall that has different kinds of food that attract families which come to the see the fountain 

The dancing fountain is the vision of Aleem Khan, and it was completed by a lot of effort which are done by the CEO of Park View City Omer Farooq Manan 

This dancing fountain is much bigger than the Dubai Fountains. In terms of technology, it is the latest technology used to make the fountain, and its throw of water is much higher than the Dubai and Las Vegas water show 

In the surroundings of Dancing Fountain, there are several apartment buildings that are more luxurious than the Centaurus and Elysium, the other building in Islamabad and their surrounding 

All the construction of apartments and the Dancing Fountain in Park View City is sustainable and eco-friendly, so because of this heavy construction, Abdul Aleem Khan and Omar Farooq Manan are the visionaries who came with this idea. 

When Abdul Aleem Khan purchased the land of Park View City, there was no greenery, only a few bushes. Aleem Khan decided to go green. They planted 8 million trees in the land of Park View City Islamabad, and the ratio increased day by day this is the reason of the low temperature of the park view city 

Park View City also has a cricket ground and a park for families. Also, there is includes an IT park to increase national exports.

The buildings in the surrounding lake and all the downtown of Park View City is going to use solar systems to keep energy from them, and this  process is  much cheaper than the electricity the government provide 

There is a big problem with parking spaces in downtown Park View City, so they announced that parking in the basement of every commercial building in the downtown area and the surrounding Park View City would be free for families visiting the dancing fountain. They also offer various kinds of incentives to the owners and companies building commercial buildings in downtown Park View City. 

What are the features of Park View City?


  • Easy Access. ParkView City Islamabad is unmatchable when it comes to easy access from both North and South of Pakistan. …
  • Underground Electricity. …
  • Parks. …
  • Security. …
  • School. …
  • Cricket ground 

Is Park View Islamabad a good investment?

Yes, Park View City Islamabad is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and adheres to all necessary regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and legal investment opportunity.

Which is the best block in Park View City Islamabad?

The Overseas block

The location of the overseas block in Park View City is in the most prime area near Gate 1.

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